Freitag, 26. August 2011

current show : INSTALLATIONS

at mica moca

lindower strasse 22
13347 Berlin

S/U Wedding

grand opening on saturday 3, 7 pm

In the projectspace mica moca Doris Hansen presents for two weeks installations from her series microworlds.

The visitor recognizes natural phenomena and formations of landscapes, but they are extremely simplified and modified.
The material is chosen by the criterium of the highest possible artificiality: styrofoam, synthetics, plastic and plasteline.

The artificiality of this perfect world of plastic splendour is enforced by the use of forms which resemble extraterrestrial imaginations of early science fiction movies and comics.
The viewer dives into a gorgeous kaleidoscope of artificial paradises.

Large scaled works are combined with very small works, which are to be discovered at surprising spots in the former safe factory.

duration of the show : until september 18

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